Techrate Blockchain Solutions 
and Consulting

Techrate is an analytical and engineering agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits.

About us

We are a team of engineers and analysts specialized in blockchain technology and business analytics with wide experience on crypto market. Our core team is famous for its market reports made during 2017-2018 bullish market and technical evaluation of the projects. 

We started as an Audit & Development firm for smart contracts in the beginning of the ICO rush and expanded our expertise to the market researches and exchange analytics, security and technical valuation of the projects.

Why Us


Secure & Safe

We deeply analyze the smart contracts under the doing the line by line 2-stage audit and cover the smart contracts with tests when developing for our clients


Audit reports with the recommendations how to fix the bugs and mitigate the risks delivered in
~ 24h up to 4 days
Contracts development 
~ 2-7 days


We provide an express audit for FREE analyzing the code for several bugs. 

However a full line by line manual audit is a paid service, we fully utilize our developers and able to keep low prices for audits.

Our team

Zufar G

Zufar G

Co - founder
Zufar worked at PwC for several years, managed BizDev unit at the famous startup rating agency and running his own startups. Swimmer, tennis player.
Ilnar K

Ilnar K

Co - founder
Ilnar is an experienced engineer and tech consultant in various fields such as blockchain, mobile development, ML, NN and AI. Traveler & Design creator.
Farkhad G

Farkhad G

Team Lead
Farkhad is our Team Lead with several years' experience of working as a senior engineer in a Russian IT company
Matthew L

Matthew L

Senior Blockchain Developer
Matthew worked as a solidity developer in a number of startups where he built built and tested smart contracts


Do you disclose the results of the audits?

An audit can be posted publicly by default in our channels, however we can make it private in case of high severity issues or your disclosure policy

Will you recheck the contract after fixing the bugs?

We provide a free one round recheck of the contract after you fix the bugs according to our recommendations, without changing other parts of the code

Can we publish the audit in our channels?

Yes, you can publish the report made by us in your channels according to your disclosure policy

What is the price for the audit & development?

The price varies from $400 - $2500 depending on the number of the lines in the code and complexity of the contract

Price for the development is being set individually, depending on logic and functions needed

Do you accept btc or eth for payment?

Yes, we accept btc, eth, usdt and other liquid coins as well as wire transfer on our business bank account.

What issues are you looking at under the audit process?

1. Unit tests passing, checking tests configuration (matching the configuration of main network);
2. Compilator warnings;
3. Race Conditions. Reentrancy. Cross-function Race Conditions. Pitfalls in Race Condition solutions;
4. Possible delays in data delivery;
5. Transaction-Ordering Dependence (front running);
6. Timestamp Dependence;
7. Integer Overflow and Underflow;
8. DoS with (unexpected) Revert;
9. DoS with Block Gas Limit;
10. Call Depth Attack. Not relevant in modern ethereum network 
11. Methods execution permissions;
12. Oracles calls;
13. Economy model. It’s important to forecast scenarios when a user is provided with additional economic motivation or faced with limitations. If application logic is based on incorrect economy model, the application will not function correctly and participants will incur financial losses. This type of issue is most often found in bonus rewards systems.
14. The impact of the exchange rate on the logic;
15. Private user data leaks.

What's the difference between FREE and paid audit?

We provide FREE audits analyzing the code only for a few bug types mentioned above, while paid audits are done analyzing the code for all the above mentioned vulnerabilities.

Apply for Audit & Development

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